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Learn a little somethin’-somethin’ about Michelle Tam, the working mom and food nerd behind Nom Nom Paleo’s recipes and snarky personality!

google.com receives about 208,465,000 unique visitors per day, and it is ranked 1 in the world. Find more data about google.

Renaissance (1350 - 1505) Ottoman Conquests, Age of Discovery & Knowledge in Europe. Go to European History Interactive Map. Renaissance Interactive Map

Hey everyone, my name is Kristina and I go by the name Dulfy in most online games I play. I am a female gamer that plays various MMORPGs and create guides/coverages for them.

The what and why of claims, and how to use them.

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AAD from A to Z. Taking you through the technology that is Azure Active Directory. DirSync, AAD Connect, Graph API; MFA, App Proxy, RMS, AAD Domain Join

Building websites using AJAX to load content can make them fast, responsive and very user friendly. However, it's not always been possible to do this without introducing # or #! symbols into URLs - and breaking the way URLs are 'supposed' to work.