The building of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre has signified the beginning of an artistic link to the world. The Centre, covering 5.2 hectares and offering 82,231m² gross floor area, commands a prime waterfront position.

This is the event calendar for programmes at HKCC. The event calendar here may not list all programmes to be held in Hong Kong Cultural Centre since hirers may confirm the booking of venue and programme details late.

CHEUNG CHAU BUN FESTIVAL 2018 (Main events - Piu Sik Parade and Bun Scrambling Competition Tuesday 22nd May 2018) The Cheung Chau Bun Festival is one of Hong Kong's major cultural events and takes place during a three week period, culminating with the Piu Sik Parade ("Floating Children Parade") and finals of the Bun Scrambling Competition on ...

香港文化中心(香港文化センター)[Hong Kong Culture Centre]。『文化砂漠』と言われる香港で、代表する文化の殿堂と言えばここ!