Growing up in Lebanon during the civil war, Karl Sharro had a happy childhood and, he says, especially enjoyed "the long absences from school because of the fighting".

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For Western firms doing business in the Arab World, it is important to note that wasta's most insidious manifestations can lead to liability under anti-corruption legislation.

The Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (or Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization) is the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee (PLO EC), the executive body of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which was established in 1964.

The Hanish Islands conflict was a dispute between Yemen and Eritrea over the island of Greater Hanish in the Red Sea, one of the largest in the then disputed Zukur-Hanish archipelago.

This page of Pars Times guide covers personal finance and contains links to an extensive set of financial resources on the web.

Internal democracy in political parties, also known as intra-party democracy, refers to the level and methods of including party members in the decision making and deliberation within the party structure.

Арабский алфавит состоит из 28 букв, которые обозначают только согласные фонемы.

Dati amministrativi Nome completo Unione delle Comore Nome ufficiale Union des Comores Udzima wa Komori الاتحاد ﺍﻟﻘﻤﺮي Lingue ufficiali

Jemen (arab. اليمن Al-Jaman), Republika Jemeńska (arab.الجمهوريّة اليمنية Al-Dżumhurijja al-Jamanijja) – państwo położone w południowo-zachodniej Azji na Półwyspie Arabskim, oraz na archipelagu Sokotra we wschodniej Afryce.