1. System File Checker. System File Checker is a Windows utility that allows users to scan for errors in Windows system files and helps restore corrupted / damaged / missing files.

Note – If You are a Windows 7 User then Go to My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System settings Navigate to Computer Name tab and Select Change and Rename the Computer Name to ‘Laptop – 1’ and Tick WORKGROUP and Give it any name as shown below in the Image.

I’ve implemented the ‘0x80072ee2’ failure code in my environment where there are two SUPs – one in the DMZ and one in the Internal network; DMZ clients seem to refuse to fail to the DMZ SUP and stay there – they do occasionally seem to flip to it, but

Windows 7 по-прежнему остается популярной операционной системой в корпоративной среде, несмотря на то, что уже вышли две новые версии клиентских ОС.

ERROR_SUCCESS - 0x00070000 - (0) The operation completed successfully. ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION - 0x80070001 - (1) Incorrect function. ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND - 0x80070002 ...

Se você está usando o Windows 10 já deve ter notado que algumas ferramentas administrativas não estão muito fáceis de serem encontradas e já deve ter desejado uma forma mais direta de acessá-las, pois isto é possível.