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Find a list of the best foods that burn belly fat and increase metabolism that you can start eating today.

Coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant substance that is proven to increase the release of fats from the fat tissues and boost the resting metabolic rate.

You probably already know that certain foods can boost your metabolism and help your body burn body fat. In other words, there are some fat burning foods that create a thermogenic effect in the body and help you lose weight.

2. Milk. Increase your fat burning metabolism by 70% according to this study when you include 3 servings of dairy or 1000mg of calcium in your daily diet. More calcium in your diet helps shut off the hormones that create fat causing you to burn more fat especially when you're on a weight loss diet

Burn more fat! Rather than fixating on foods you shouldn't eat, focus on these essential foods to boost your metabolism.

While there's no magic solution for weight loss, these fat-burning foods naturally increase your body's metabolism so you can finally reach your goals.

2. Bone Broth: Bone broth is one of my absolute favorite healing foods. It truly has the potential to transform your health in tangible ways and help burn fat. Thanks to the abundance of amino acids bone broth contains, bone broth prevents muscle breakdown, increases your metabolism and helps detoxify your body

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