I just got back from Microsoft's internal Ready conference in Seattle, and one especially inspiring session was about Professional Networking by Kevin Martins and Matt Soseman.

A lot of people have asked for “private channels” in Microsoft teams. Microsoft has stated publicly that they’re working on it; there’s even a page in the documentation all ready for when it comes along!

Vantage Point: Bob German's Weblog Vantage Point: Bob German's Weblog Notes from Microsoft's OCP team, where Bob is a Partner Technology Architect focused on SharePoint and Office 365 development

Thanks for attending my session at SharePoint Saturday Connecticut, sponsored in part by BlueMetal! You can download the slide deck here.

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I see some similar posts to this - but no existing solutions are working for me. So - here we go again... Windows 10 Pro Version 1607. Dell Precision 5510.

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How can we structure SharePoint sites so we secure some content and still publish content for others, without making it too complicated? Stephanie digs in...