I am a 4th year medical student that will graduate with approximately 210K in student loan debt. All of my loans are federal, so I won’t have any private loans to refinance. Should I A) consolidate my federal loans and B) refinancing them upon graduation as oppose to waiting until completion of residency.

off, you’ll enjoy your job more when your student loans are paid off. If you do decide to refinance some or all of your loans, I would appreciate it if you would use the links on the site. It is a significant source of revenue for us and I have negotiated a special deal with many of the companies for you that you cannot get by going to them ...

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You are managing your student loans the right way, maximizing the benefits of government programs, minimizing interest paid, and getting out of debt as soon as possible You are either capable of managing your investments yourself, or you are paying a competent advisor a fair price to do it for you

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The White Coat Investor covers a variety of topics, but the subject of medical student loans is always in rotation. We asked Dr. Dahle to share what he thinks every doctor should know about paying off medical school loans .