Case Unimog MB4-94. 8 speed manual. Machine runs and drives. Currently needs brakes fixed. Throttle linkage is froze. Otherwise in very good shape.

1988 U1100 DOKA. 19,000km. 9,100hr OM352, 6spd gearbox, standard axles. Repaired rear doors, fresh fluids, re-cored radiator, new water pump, master cylinders, spare wheel/tire, manuals,

1973 416 DOKA Unimog It will be FOR SALE once done! This truck will be undergoing a full restoration just like the one on the current projects page. It will receive a turbo motor, 16 speed air shift transmission, and "ultrafast" axles.

If you’re looking for a Unimog to convert, or want to buy someone else’s conversion, drop a bookmark on the Unimog Shop website. Unimog Shop is a Mogs-only classified site, and it’s full of everything from mid-’60’s 404s to nearly new U500s, in conditions ranging from beaters to drop-dead ...

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Atkinson Vos is the world’s leading specialist in Unimogs, the iconic all-terrain vehicles manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. Established in 1978 in Bentham on the border between Lancashire and Yorkshire, Atkinson Vos has exported custom and specialist Unimogs to almost every country on Earth.

We can provide a tailored Unimog solution whatever your industry and wherever you are in the world

U zimskoj službi Unimog je izuzetno pogodan za cestarske poslove bilo ljeti ili zimi. Za zimske uvjete koristi se kao: ralica, freza,posipač soli (suho i mokro posipavanje)

Bald ging es schon immer darum, das Grundbedürfnis des Menschen nach freier Mobilität zu stillen. Und zwar 1862, knapp 25 Jahre vor der Erfindung des Automobils.