This article describes the troubleshooting steps to identify performance issues by using Microsoft's LogParser to analyze IIS logs.

Troubleshooting IIS Compression issues in IIS6/IIS7.x. 04/09/2012; 10 minutes to read Contributors. In this article. by Shoeb Ilyas Bhaldar and Mike Laing

The scope of this post is to help you to identify the root cause of a SharePoint performance issue. We will implement collect performance counters, IIS logs and Failed Request Tracing from all the servers in the farm (SharePoint and SQL servers).

Need help on how to monitor IIS? This guide covers how to cover the basics including HTTP ping checks, IIS Application Pools, and important Windows Performance Counters.

In a previous post titled Where did my IIS7 server go?Troubleshooting "service unavailable" errors, I covered the basic steps for dealing with cases where the IIS7 web server fails to process the request.

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When using the Netezza connector, you might encounter errors that can be fixed by troubleshooting and adjusting values for properties or configuration.

Learn how to use the IIS Diagnostic Toolkit's Debug Diagnostics utility to troubleshoot performance issues in any Win32 user-mode process.

For more information about how to measure these counters, their thresholds, and their significance, see "Processor" in Chapter 15, "Measuring .NET Application Performance."