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“It isn't that the principles are different; it's the way that they're presented that make them more understandable, and more importantly, change the way that we're able to deliver those from concept to actual skills on the course.”

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Online golf lesson on the golf grip by Herman Williams, PGA Pro, Raleigh NC. How to Grip a Golf Club explains exact hand & wrist positions in golf.

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Joe Passov, Josh Sens, Sean Zak, Ryan Galvin and Graylyn Loomis contributed to this story. [Editor's note: This originally ran in the October 2013 issue of GOLF Magazine.] You top shots. You push putts. Your temper rages. Your back aches. Your partners bore you. Your caddie bugs you. You spend too ...

Drive the golf ball further down the middle of the fairway, by finding the center of the driver face, and you’ll have a shorter shot into the green.