First Daily Newspaper in the Pennsylvania Oil Region

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Oil City pastor Charlie Cotherman was named Young Professional of the Year at the FLEX Presents awards ceremony at the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad in Titusville.

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Official Site of the Venango Regional Airport offering Franklin (FKL) Air Service.

Interstate 95, East Coast's Main Street, travels from south Florida to Houlton, Maine, serving the northeastern Megalopolis and shuttling travelers between the southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Pithole, or Pithole City, is a ghost town in Cornplanter Township, Venango County in Pennsylvania, about 6 miles (9.7 km) from Oil Creek State Park and the Drake Well Museum, the site of the first commercial oil well in the United States.

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Pelindaba (Zulu for "end of story" or "the conclusion") is South Africa's main Nuclear Research Centre, run by The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation.It is situated near the Hartbeespoort Dam, approximately 33 km (22 miles) west of Pretoria, on the farm that once belonged to Gustav Preller.

Princeton will spend more than $3 million to build a storage garage for government vehicles and equipment, a projected 12-month-long project the town wants to start this year.