Tunga meetup in Innovation Village Kampala, November 7th 2017. Beginning of this month, we had a great meetup in Kampala! As often, we got asked by a lot of developers what are the most in-demand programming skills and how the market is developing.

Most In Demand Software Skills This is where we put together all of the data (equally weighted) to determine the most in demand software skill. By looking at job postings, salaries and momentum we can get a sense of the skills that are going to be desired in 2018 and well beyond.

To stay relevant, IT professionals should continually seek to reskill and upskill themselves through the ongoing development of new technical proficiencies, and by expanding their professional networks. Here is a brief description of what I consider to be the most in-demand tech skills for 2018: 1.

By getting an inside track on the hottest trends, you can out-recruit the competition by getting an early start on the talent attracting the most demand in 2018. Top Hard Skills Methodology. There are thousands of skills that members can add to their profiles, so we grouped these skills into several dozen categories.

Most commonly demanded software skills. We’ve gathered data on 17 software languages/skills that we loosely selected based on perceived popularity and available data. So if you feel an important language or framework is missing do not hesitate to point this out.

The 7 Most In-Demand Programming Languages of 2018 Posted on December 13, 2017 December 13, 2017 Author Speros Misirlakis 79 Comments Software development is a dynamic field.

Enjoy. Learning these skills will help you stay ahead of change and make the most of all that opportunity in 2018. The soft skills companies need most – and how to learn them. First, let’s start with the skills all professionals should learn, regardless of what they do.

Most in-demand IT Skills This year's report saw the top four skills stay the same from 2016. JavaScript, Java, Python and C# (in that order) were top of the class, while others like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and ReactJS skills reported massive growth.

Jobs it can help you do: At the top of Monster's list of the most in-demand hard skills for college graduates is quality assurance (QA) ability — it can be applied to nearly every industry ...

Top soft and technical skills that will get you hired Landing a new job in a tight talent market's never easy, but certain technical skills can smooth the way, especially if they’re in high demand.