The Online Scots Dictionary — Contents Tweet . Translate from Scots to English! Scots is the Germanic language, related to English, spoken in Lowland Scotland and ...

Scots Dictionary torrent KIRJAN KUVAUS SCOTS DICTIONARY A highly popular and informative guide to the Scots language in an attractive format. Contains words and phrases from both literary and everyday language, this is the perfect wee dictionary of Scots for native and non-native speakers alike. THE ONLINE SCOTS DICTIONARY — CONTENTS The ...

• DSL, Dictionaries of the Scots language: Dictionary of the older Scottish tongue (12 th-17 th) & Scottish national dictionary (since 18 th) • Scots-online: Scots-English dictionary • Scots proverbs • Jamieson's dictionary of the Scottish language by John Jamieson & John Johnston, John Longmuir (1867) • Supplement to Jamieson's ...

Help us in creating the largest English-Scots dictionary online. Simply log in and add new translation. Glosbe is a collaborative project and every one can add (and remove) translations. It makes our dictionary English Scots real, as it is created by native speakers people, that uses language for every day.

The Online Scots Dictionary — Contents The Online Scots Dictionary . Translate from Scots to English and From English to Scots or read through the Scots dictionary as in a book.

Scots is spoken in various dialects. The traditional Scots spelling conventions used here can, on the whole, be read and pronounced in any Scots dialect. For further guidance on the pronunciation of particular words check them in our dictionary.

Define Scots. Scots synonyms, Scots pronunciation, Scots translation, English dictionary definition of Scots. adj. Scottish. See Usage Note at Scottish. n. The language traditionally spoken by people living in the Lowlands of Scotland. Scots is sometimes classified...

The Scottish National Dictionary (SND) Modern Scots - 1700 - 2005 Their 22 volumes provide a comprehensive history of Scots, making DSL an essential research tool for anyone interested in the history and development of the language.

Define Scottish. Scottish synonyms, Scottish pronunciation, Scottish translation, English dictionary definition of Scottish. adj. Of or relating to Scotland or its people, language, or culture. n. 1. Scots English. 2. The people of Scotland. Usage Note: Scottish is the full,...

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