The wallpaper groups are the 17 possible plane symmetry groups. They are commonly represented using Hermann-Mauguin-like symbols or in orbifold notation (Zwillinger 1995, p. 260). orbifold notation Hermann-Mauguin symbol o p1 2222 p2 ** pm xx pg *2222 pmm 22* pmg 22x pgg x* cm 2*22 cmm 442 p4 *442 p4m 4*2 p4g 333 p3 *333 p3ml 3*3 p3lm 632 p6 ...

A circle packing is an arrangement of circles inside a given boundary such that no two overlap and some (or all) of them are mutually tangent. The generalization to spheres is called a sphere packing.

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Voronoi tessellations of regular lattices of points in two or three dimensions give rise to many familiar tessellations.. A 2D lattice gives an irregular honeycomb tessellation, with equal hexagons with point symmetry; in the case of a regular triangular lattice it is regular; in the case of a rectangular lattice the hexagons reduce to ...

Symmetry (from Greek συμμετρία symmetria "agreement in dimensions, due proportion, arrangement") in everyday language refers to a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance.

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Vlakvullingen . Inleiding. In deze webquest gaan jullie je verdiepen in wat in de wiskunde "vlakverdelingen" heet - tegeltjes dus. Maar dan wel van het interessantere soort.

Residue. 整數除法:被除數除以除數得到商數與餘數。分堆到底為止。 可以分堆、補堆任意次數的時候,除數就變成了「模數」,餘數就變成了「留數」。

Triply-periodic minimal surfaces This is an illustrated account of my amateur study of TPMS, aimed at both beginner and specialist. It contains