May 30, 2018 · National Hurricane Center Home Page. The NHC has issued its final advisory on this system. Public Advisories from the Weather Prediction Center will provide updates as long as the system remains a flood threat.

Oct 07, 2017 · Nate weakened to a tropical depression early Sunday as it moved farther inland, the National Hurricane Center said.

* If the storm is forecast to dissipate within 3 days, the "Full Forecast" and "3 day" graphic will be identical. About this product: This graphic shows an approximate representation of coastal areas under a hurricane warning (red), hurricane watch (pink), tropical storm warning (blue) and tropical storm watch (yellow).

Nate was downgraded to a tropical depression after twice making US landfall. Nate strengthened to a Category 1 hurricane on Friday night, according to the National Hurricane Center. The storm has killed at least 22 people in Central America. All coastal watches and warnings have been discontinued ...

A festering mass of thunderstorms in the southwestern Caribbean has gradually become better organized and was declared the 16th tropical depression of Atlantic hurricane season Wednesday morning by the National Hurricane Center.

A tropical depression churning across the southern Caribbean could become Tropical Storm Nate on track to hit the Gulf Coast, and possibly Florida, as a hurricane over the weekend. In their 5 a,m. Thursday advisory, National Hurricane Center forecasters said the storm is moving over warm waters and ...

Tropical Storm Nate is expected to make landfall as a hurricane in the Gulf Coast by this weekend. This is the storm's forecasted path

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Hurricane Nate raced swiftly over the central Gulf of Mexico on Saturday, gaining added strength as forecasters said it would smash into the U.S. Gulf Coast in coming nighttime hours.

Oct 03, 2017 · Story highlights. The system will likely become Tropical Storm Nate soon; The storm is forecast to hit the US Gulf Coast this weekend