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Canada (/ ˈ k æ n ə d ə / ( listen) KAN-ə-də; French: ) is a country located in the northern part of North America.Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometres (3.85 million square miles), making it the world's second-largest ...

Healthcare in Canada is delivered through thirteen provincial and territorial systems of publicly funded health care, informally called Medicare. It is guided by the provisions of the Canada Health Act of 1984.

The first known European settlers in Newfoundland came in 1001. In 1497, John Cabot made landfall at Bonavista. Newfoundland joined confederation on March 31, 1949.

Tab 1:Learn about the long and rich history of Asian Canadians and their contributions to Canadian society. Tab 2:Learn how we work with provinces and territories to help prevent and manage concussions in sport.

LOCATION & GEOGRAPHY: Canada is located on the North American Continent and occupies nearly all of it north of the United States except for Alaska to the west and a few small French islands.

Justin Trudeau - Liberal Party of Canada. > refocus development assistance helping poorest vulnerable. past years, stephen harper steadily shifted aid away world’s poorest countries, particularly africa.

Treaty rights are the specific rights of First Nations embodied in the treaties they entered into with the British government and then, Canada.

At the beginning of the 20th century, an emperor ruled China. It was riddled with European spheres of influence and leased territories. On 1912-01-01, the emperor was overthrown and a republic was proclaimed.