217 Responses to ““Trump’s Appeal Explained — Again”” I think I’m supposed to nod my head meaningfully and act like the caller has a Good Point that we should All Pay Attention To. Nnnope.

In many places, the alleged examples of racism are dishonest and absurd. Time and time again, truthful statements by Trump are deemed to be “racist.” It’s shoddy work, and the Times ought to be deeply ashamed. Let’s pick apart some specific examples, so you can see just how shameless this list is.

The Kremlin received an email appeal from Donald Trump’s company lawyer seeking help with a Trump Tower project in Moscow last year, but never replied because “it’s not our issue,” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. “We don’t respond to such business topics.

Many are responding to Mitt Romney’s critique of Trump’s character by saying that all Trump does is tweet mean stuff. Those who say that are laughably and willfully blind. Jonah Goldberg points out a few other glaring problems with the man , and notes the consequences: you will never be able to criticize a Democrat again for bad character ...

[guest post by Dana] The New York Times investigates whether President Trump’s medical exemption during Vietnam was the result of a Queen’s podiatrist doing a favor for Trump’s father, Fred C. Trump, who happened to own the building in which the podiatrist rented office space.

Patterico's Pontifications ... and that Mr. Schiavo may be playing games again. I appreciate this reader's concern, ... 39:00 AM by Patrick PARTIAL ...

Of course, here at Patterico's Pontifications, I don't seek to insult the reader's intelligence, even if said intelligence is unlikely to take offense. Posts assume a basic level of familiarity with current events.

Dana / Patterico's Pontifications: ... The mysterious grand jury appeal reportedly ... he was pressed hard on President Donald Trump's credibility amid the ...

U.S. envoy working on Qatar dispute resigns from State Department — Anthony Zinni, a retired Marine Corps general and former head of U.S. Central Command who has been working as an envoy for the Trump administration to resolve a dispute with Qatar, has resigned from his position with the State Department.

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