Playboy is an American men's lifestyle and entertainment magazine. It was founded in Chicago in 1953, by Hugh Hefner and his associates, and funded in part by a $1,000 loan from Hefner's mother.

Playboy Special Editions (formerly known as flats, then Newsstand Specials) are a spin-off series of Playboy magazine containing glamour and softcore nude photographs.The initially infrequent and later semi-regular editions ran from 1964 until the publication of the final issues in 2012.

Commento: La pagina necessita di fonti nelle sezioni "cenni di storia" e divieti di vendita di Playboy"

この雑誌の成功により、出版元はあらゆるメディアに広がる Playboy Enterprises, Inc. に成長した。現在、「プレイボーイ」は世界でも最も知られたブランドのひとつであり、合衆国内の旗艦誌に加えて、各国特別版が全世界で発行されている。

Playboy est un magazine de la presse masculine américain fondé à Chicago en 1953 par Hugh Hefner.Il est connu pour ses playmates et ses photographies érotiques, mais aussi pour certains de ses articles de qualité.