Le Old Firm est le surnom accordé au grand derby européen de Glasgow opposant le Celtic Football Club et le Rangers Football Club.Bien que, dans sa forme actuelle, le Championnat d'Écosse de football voit l'organisation de quatre rencontres officielles par saison, auxquelles il conviendra d'ajouter d'éventuelles matchs de coupe, le Old Firm ...

Prior to Christianization, the Germanic peoples (including the English) celebrated a midwinter event called Yule (Old English geola or giuli). With the Christianization of Germanic Europe, numerous traditions were absorbed from Yuletide celebrations into modern Christmas.

Clarence Decatur "C. D." Howe, PC (15 January 1886 – 31 December 1960) was a powerful Canadian Cabinet minister, representing the Liberal Party.Howe served in the governments of Prime Ministers William Lyon Mackenzie King and Louis St. Laurent continuously from 1935 to 1957.

January 1 - Christopher Martin-Jenkins, 67, English sportscaster and cricket journalist, lymphoma.; January 1 - Lloyd Hartman Elliott, 94, American educator, natural causes. ...