Though it’s possible to get some of those fees waived or entirely refunded, that generally requires either maintaining a minimum chequing account balance or buying into multiple financial ...

[np_storybar title=”Here’s why you shouldn’t treat your ... maybe it’s time to ditch that chequing account once and for all. ... Some chequing accounts will offer the teaser of lower fees ...

With a no-fee chequing account, you get free daily banking. Life’s always busy and you work hard every day for your money — it’s time for your bank account to do the same. No monthly fees with no minimum balance

Wondering what you'll pay for the CIBC Everyday® Chequing Account? Find all the fees and details here without any hidden surprises. ... s the time to invest in a GIC ...

To get the best deal on a chequing account, you'll want to take all of the features into consideration, including monthly fees and service charges. Here are some fees to look out for when evaluating the total monthly cost of a chequing account: Transaction Fees. Every time you spend money using your chequing account, that's a transaction.

Here’s how: Keep a minimum deposit. Many of the big banks will waive your monthly chequing account fee on the condition that you keep a minimum balance in your chequing account. For example, the TD All-Inclusive Banking Plan has a $29.95 monthly fee that’s waived as long as you have $5,000 in your account at the end of each day in the month.

These days, Canadians can not only get unlimited transactions for zero monthly fees but even earn a little interest on whatever balance sits in their chequing accounts. That’s the deal on offer ...

If you don’t meet that requirement, you could end up paying $12 to $25 in monthly maintenance fees. Customers that are unable to consistently meet the minimum balance pay between $144 to $300 per year! Ready to ditch fees and minimum balances? Here’s how to close a bank account with Bank of America:

The big banks keep increasing chequing fees, or continually ask you to raise your minimum balance to get a rebate on fees. Believe it or not, but some monthly chequing fees are as high as $30! It’s not just chequing fees that should make you consider banking with an online-only bank.

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