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Not only is the AdvocateHub platform an excellent user experience for our internal team, but most importantly, our customers love it. AdvocateHub is an exceptional listening tool, a direct line to your most impactful influencers. Influitive has been a hit since we first implemented in 2014.

AdvocateHub: Engagement & Advocacy Software. AdvocateHub lets companies create a community of “on-demand” advocates. Through a unique mix of personalization and game design, AdvocateHub makes advocating for your brand a rewarding experience for customers, developers, employees and partners.

Influitive AdvocateHub is a great platform for amplifying demand generation campaigns, from referral drives to supporting social campaigns to generating customer-driven content for blog posts, landing pages, and more. Influitive AdvocateHub provides engagement channels that go beyond email communications.

The idea of customer advocacy and customer marketing is a new way of thinking within B2B business. I feel fortunate that we have chosen a partnership with Influitive, who in my mind, is the leader in this particular space.

based on data from user reviews. Influitive AdvocateHub rates 4.5/5 stars with 219 reviews. Queue rates 4.8/5 stars with 13 reviews. Each product's score is calculated by real-time data from verified user reviews.