This blog was updated in February 2016 and you can find the updated version here. I am often asked by people how to promote their LinkedIn profile and how to get noticed more.

It is easy to just add a hyperlink to your signature, but a button with the logo of a specific social network looks more professional. To add such a button you need to follow these steps.

Here's how to create a professional email signature which includes your contact information, with tips for what to include and how to set up your signature.

A LinkedIn profile is a valuable part of your professional career. Learn how to add badges, buttons and links to your website, resume, and email signature.

Create an email signature that appears at the end of your Outlook messages automatically or that can be added to individual messages.

Looking for a way to control your company email signatures on Lotus Notes? Try Crossware for free here.. One of the top 5 “How to … on Lotus Notes” searches on Google is “How to add an email signature in Lotus Notes”.

****UPDATE – Please note that this process has changed with the release of iOS 9.3 and no longer works as indicated below. By default, the iPhone sends email using plain-text format, which does not support images (thus no images in signatures). Luckily, the last ti

Hi, I've created several signatures in outlook 2003. I use HTML formatting but when I compose a new mail message, I don't have the little signatures button on the toolbar to enable me to choose which signature I want to use.

Email Tools Here Are the Things People Hate the Most About Your Email Signature

Learn how to set up your RCN email account on your iPhone 6 to start sending and receiving emails from that account on your iPhone.