A career in dermatology is both exciting and rewarding. Learn how to become a dermatologist, with information about schools, salary, job outlook and more!

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What kind of training is required to become a dermatologist? Like any other physician, dermatologists complete a graduate medical school program after earning an undergraduate degree.

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Dermatomes represent specific regions of nerve reception of sensory impulses. The peripheral nervous system will produce a pattern of skin innervated by cutaneous neurons of a certain spinal or cranial nerve.

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A doula’s median salary doesn’t paint the whole picture when it comes to compensation. In addition to a base salary, these professionals will also earn bonuses and other benefits, including health insurance, Social Security, paid vacation, pension, disability and a 401K plan.

This section is dedicated to medical students, foundation and core medical trainees, dermatology trainees as well as dermatology teachers and health professionals who wish to know more about dermatology and its practice.

The average salary of nutritionist in US is $54,000. The terms ‘nutritionist’ and ‘dietitian’ are often used as if they are interchangeable, but they are not the same thing.