It can be very frustrating to buy online when you are living in PR, which is why we put together this list of stores that ship to Puerto Rico.

So here’s a roundup of 15 of the best places to live in Puerto Rico in 2015.

Living and retiring in Puerto Rico. The pros and cons of living here. Beautiful beaches and sunsets plus all the regular issues of daily life.

With 3 projects that, when complete, will be the tallest in their cities, SB Architects is quickly becoming a key player in urban high-rise design.

A Raleigh native who now lives in Puerto Rico has launched a new organization to help provide some relief to hurricane victims on the island.

While true that the cost of living in Puerto Rico is not as low as that of a third world country (there are no inexpensive maids, stateside food is quite high) but rents and property taxes are considerably lower, especially outside of San Juan.

In Puerto Rico, less than 20 percent of schools have reopened, and many kids are still studying in the dark

Donald Trump Statement on Puerto Rico. Donald Trump made a statement on Puerto Rico’s status during his presidential campaign: There are 3.7 million American citizens living in Puerto Rico.

Act 20 22 tax incentives make the real estate tax advantages of living and working in Puerto Rico more enticing than ever before for U.S. citizens.

Just 45 minutes from San Juan and the international airport, Harbour Lakes boasts more than 46 acres within Palmas del Mar – a 2,700 acre gated resort community.