Want to see New York City without spending a fortune? Here is a great list of things to do and see in NYC that are frugal, cheap, or won't cost you much.

Harley’s Hope Foundation. Pets with low-income owners can receive financial assistance for their treatments. These funds are offered for major or emergency care, behavioral or specialty training.

Planning a trip to the Big Apple? Take a bite out of it with our 34 NYC trip tips, including bagging cheap flights and hotels, a free cruise past the Statue of Liberty and bargain Broadway tickets.

How much money do you need to make to live in New York City comfortably while still planning for a financial future? Check out this full city budget breakdown!

Frommer's NYC Free and Dirt Cheap ( Frommer's In the land of $49 burgers and $1,000-a-night hotel rooms, author Ethan Wolff shows that the adventurous budget traveler can still do the Big Apple in style.

“New York, I love you but you’re freaking me out.” – LCD Soundsystem. Many budget-conscious travelers would agree with singer James Murphy.

New York City is distinguished from other U.S. cities for its low personal automobile ownership and its significant use of public transportation.New York City has, by far, the highest rate of public transportation use of any American city, with 54.2% of workers commuting to work by this means in 2006.

New York would be the greatest city in North America if it weren't for three things: 1) Tough weather for half the year, 2) Never ending crowds, and 3) outrageous prices!

In most cities, you just load up your trunk. In New York, getting some grub is a bit more complicated.

May 09, 2015 · Manicurists are routinely underpaid and exploited, and endure ethnic bias and other abuse, The New York Times has found.