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4-OP-C-7-I1 AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT. OVERVIEW. The Florida State University (University) is committed to a policy ensuring that individuals with disabilities are not discriminated against and that they have equal opportunity and equal access to all the rights and privileges enjoyed by those who are not disabled.

Equal opportunity arises from the similar treatment of all people, unhampered by artificial barriers or prejudices or preferences, except when particular distinctions can be explicitly justified.

Pay Data Collection and the EEO-1 Survey. Acting Chair Victoria A. Lipnic has issued a statement about the OMB Decision on EEO-1 Pay Data Collection. Instructions for filing the 2017 EEO-1 Survey, which will not include the collection of pay and hours worked data, are now available.

This unit is responsible for ensuring state contractors implement and adhere to the state’s affirmative action policy. The unit’s overall responsibilities include conducting project-site reviews to ensure contractors are in compliance with the state’s affirmative action laws, including ensuring that contractors utilize minorities and ...

Information on the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) which is a federal agency that enforces laws prohibiting job discrimination.

Initial Application. What is a MBE or WBE? May I qualify as both; a MBE and WBE? What are the advantages of obtaining the State of Missouri M/WBE certification?

SUBJECT: EEOC COMPLIANCE MANUAL PURPOSE: This transmittal covers the issuance of Section 2 of the new Compliance Manual on "Threshold Issues." The section provides guidance and instructions for investigating and analyzing coverage, timeliness, and other threshold issues that are generally addressed when a charge is first filed with the EEOC.

In December of 2012, the City of Cleveland’s Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity released results from an updated Disparity Study. The purpose of the Disparity Study is to ensure compliance with constitutional mandates and to learn more regarding minority and women business (M/WBEs) enterprise best practices.

The Office of Equal Rights serves the Agency and the Nation by promoting affirmative employment, a discrimination-free work place, and equal access to FEMA programs and benefits.