Trinidad Carnival Diary (TCD) is the leading ‘sauce’ for contemporary and continuous information about the World’s Greatest Festival, Trinidad Carnival.Founded in 2006, TCD has pioneered blogging within the carnival industry as a mode of thought-provoking discussion, entertainment and culture surrounding the revelries.

The stories behind the traditional Carnival characters lend meaning and significance to these unusual portrayals. Often an individual plays one specific persona year after year and is familiar with the traditions associated with that role.

Trinidad & Tobago plays host to the "Great Show on Earth" known as carnival. Carnival has always been about social expression and the voice of society which is displayed on the streets of the country in an highly-spirited celebration of energy.

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(Photo courtesy the Carnival Institute of Trinidad and Tobago) The Moko Jumbie derives its name from West African tradition. The “Moko” is an Orisha (God) of Retribution.

What is J'ouvert? J'ouvert (pronounced "Jou-vay") is derived from French patois and means 'daybreak'. Jouvert marks the official start of the two day carnival celebrations in Trinidad & Tobago.

Carnival: The Regional Genesis and Contemporary Status . The promotion and advancement of culture is integral to the work of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS).

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Each year, the Rio de Janeiro carnival puts every party we've ever been to to shame. Although other Catholic countries around the world celebrate the days before Lent in a similar...