WND, by Pamela Geller, March 15, 2015: Back in 2005, Jordanian journalist Fouad Hussein published al-Qaida’s manifesto. In his book, he outlined al-Qaida’s seven-point plan over a 20-year period: “An Islamic Caliphate in Seven Easy Steps.”

Understanding the Threat, by John Guandolo, March 27, 2018: How can an American citizen know Ambassador John Bolton, President Trump’s new National Security Advisor, is a good choice for the position?

The Swedish organization Expo is a anti-racist trust co-founded by the best-selling author and communist Per Stieg Larsson and the hard-left activist Tobias Hübinette.

Islam: A Permanent World War by Fjordman. On the evening of Friday November 13th 2015, Paris was shaken by a coordinated series of extremely brutal Islamic terror attacks that left at least 129 people dead and hundreds wounded.

Where did this monster come from? Should the counter-jihad feel guilt about this monster Breivik? Well, when he took part in public counter-jihad discussions on document.no up to Oct 2010, he seemed fairly mainstream.

Diana West is the author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character (St. Martin's Press, 2013), and The Death of the Grown-Up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization (St. Martin's Press, 2007).

See also: "An Ideological Coup against Trump?John Bolton and Sebastian Gorka both say they have been placed on lists forbidding them access to the White House, apparently to ensure that their views will not reach the president's ears.

How Ezra Levant built an extreme media juggernaut,became a major player in the far-right movement— and watched it all begin to unravelInsideRebelMediaBy Richard Warnica This is a story about a hypothetical made real.

And make sure to watch the whole scene of where the leftist lawyer “Steve” denied the existence of honor killings in America and attacked Anni at her recent talk in Omaha, Nebraska.

After thinking over the question for five minutes, you might come up with South Africa or some other third world country as your answer. However, the real answer might shock you.