With over 1 million apps deployed per month, Bitnami makes it incredibly easy to deploy apps with native installers, as virtual machines, docker containers or in the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions for Bitnami Cloud Hosting How to connect to the server through SSH? Obtaining your SSH credentials for your client. The first step is to ensure that you have the SSH credentials for your server.

We created the Bitnami Project to help spread the adoption of freely available, high quality Open Source web applications. Bitnami aims to make it easier than ever to discover, download and install Open Source software such as document and content management systems, wikis and blogging software.

This is the online Redmine demo for uses to test Redmine and its features. All the data here is temporary and may be reset at any time. You should start to register for an account and then:

Frequently Asked Questions for Microsoft Azure How to connect to the server through SSH? Obtaining your SSH credentials for your client Obtaining your SSH credentials from the Bitnami Launchpad

TestLink Stable (NEW!!!! - 1.9.16 - Moka Pot - 20170121)Get it from sourceforge Get a Bitnami Virtual Appliance Support TestLink development

1 THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS/ INFO MUST BE ATTACHED ( REQUIREMENTS ) Proof of banking details (Applicants must ensure that the original bank stamp is attached

MODX powers 1,000,000s of sites as the most secure, scalable and blazing fast CMS. Self-host or join 1000s in MODX Cloud, the ultimately managed PHP hosting.

Bitnami TYPO3 Stack provides a one-click install solution for TYPO3. Download installers and virtual machines or run your own TYPO3 server in the cloud.

Download¶. Download. Stable releases; Latest source code. 3.4 Stable; Development (unstable) Third-party Redmine bundles; Stable releases¶. Redmine releases are available in either .tar.gz format for Unix systems or .zip format for Windows: